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The company’s four Italian Plants, with a total area of 65,000 sqm, have a really high production capacity and are designed to operate in coordination with other plants but also independently, like a unique productive force or four separate units. All this is possible thanks to the following facilities:

  • no. 6 slitting lines
  • no. 24 cutting machines 45° and 90°, automatic cutting and assembly systems, amorphous material cutting machines, automatic radial reactors cutting and stacking machines
  • no. 1 cutting machine up to 1020 mm width
  • no. 81 core assembly tables, with 4 tables with capacity up to 150 tons
  • no. 2 ovens for cooling and pre-heating
  • no. 6 painting booth
  • no. 4 testing rooms
  • no. 1 anechoic chamber to measure core noise
  • no. 1 electrical steel quality check and measurement laboratory
  • no. 4 laser cutting lines
  • no. 2 plasma cutting machines
  • no. 3 automatic storage systems
  • no. 5 bending machines
  • no. 8 welding stations

The absolute quality of the product’s design phase is ensured by the technical office, equipped with highly advanced IT systems. The production coordination takes place through a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) integrated with the production facilities.


Legnano Teknoelectric Company S.p.A. – Plant n° 1
via Roma 3, San Giorgio su Legnano (MI), Italia


  • for informations: info@ltc.it
  • sales department: salesdep@ltc.it


Telephone numbers:

  • Phone: +39 0331 413700
  • Fax: +39 0331 413790


  • Fax +39 0331.413.790
  • Phone +39 0331.413.700
  • Via Roma, 3 - 20010 San Giorgio su Legnano - Milano (Italy)

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